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This is where we archive our Home page editorials. These pieces are separate from our principal category content which you will find linked throughout the site. The intention is to minimize the editorializing in favour of a more engaged moderation. SpokeLogic instigates discussion and massages consensus where it can, but the abiding objective is to nurture informed debate and meaningful online relationships.

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Though obscured by the fog of war, the time has never been more right to double down on regenerative crypto-economics and decentralization - both in finance and corporate governance. While the observation could have been made at upteen points along the path, the...

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“Think”, she disclaimed!

The law requires it. As if common decency were not enough. The whole point of this website is to facilitate discussion on the path to higher collective understanding. There are things I believe that may prove valuable, but none of that is sufficient for me to give...

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What Version is it Anyway?

SpokeLogic has a pedigree Good Gawd! Spokelogic has been banging around for close to 20 years. Over that time, the brand has undergone numerous iterations. Each instance was born out of a furlough, or aimless period of inactivity, blooming into a flush of enthusiasm...

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Whois SpokeLogic

Does it matter? Knowing who SpokeLogic is, or having a picture in your mind, would be just another obscuring layer between you and your understanding of the work. It would colour things inappropriately. Would it help or hinder your appreciation of the points presented...

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I See You Looking…

...but you can't come in. We are counting down the days until the second coming of normal. Almost there, but not quite. Gauging the floating point of what is essential, this month's discussions focus on the notion of risk and reward. Closeted away in our respective...

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