NFT Rabbit Hole – There’s a party down in here

Ever been to a house party where you don’t know anyone? Maybe not even the host?

It’s a warren of miscreants, wannabes, and jaded insiders. Weird impromptu lighting, the reek of booze, exotic smoke, sweat and perfumery soup. Or maybe you are just in the wrong house.

Cryptoworld can be like that. NFTs and blockchains are all the chatter these days. A modern-day gold rush, or a fool’s paradise (as if there’s a difference)? When panning the river silt fails to payout, and the original press reveals itself to be the playground of hucksters, every enterprising chancer heads into the surrounding hills to dig. At this point we are all just rabbit hole spelunkers. Down here together. Vague figures in the lamp light. Some of us might hit a vein, while others tap out. Just remember, the second richest person in any gold rush is the one selling shovels.

SpokeLogic is diving in, looking to pull a rabbit of reason out of the madness hat. We have as many questions as you have, and each answer breeds more questions. They are breeding like, well, rabbits.

Full disclosure: we are believers; so let’s start sifting the muck, looking for gems of clarity. Contribute and we will navigate this journey to the profit it promises.