What Version is it Anyway?

SpokeLogic has a pedigree

Good Gawd! Spokelogic has been banging around for close to 20 years. Over that time, the brand has undergone numerous iterations. Each instance was born out of a furlough, or aimless period of inactivity, blooming into a flush of enthusiasm evidenced by new content and a different slant or perspective. In a fit of pique, content was often lost (the same flush of enthusiasm often contained a flush of the dated, regardless of lingering value). Despite the purge, backup folders (analog and digital) often retained some favourites. Such is the case this time, and a survey will be made when time allows. Keepers will be relaunched in this version under the category of Legacy. If there are favourites among them, you may be in luck. Otherwise, let us hope that with your contributions we will sustain into the next 20.

Call it vX.0

So, what was the previous version number? 3.0? 3.47? 4.XX? Who knows, and who cares? If I am inclined to move forward in an uncharacteristic cloud of indifference, I hope you are too. We are calling it vX.0. Let the microchips fall where they may.

Feel free to suggest your earliest recollections and we will try to honour them with items in the Legacy column.