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Single Wing

A single wing, unattended, will fall, not flying.

Little House

In our little house, we have love growing wild like blossoms, and Peace like rain falling from great heights

Kaspar, the Flameout

Kaspar was all persona. People met with the barrage of his forced identity. But a rich and rewarding essence lived, clasped in his heart.


Redondo Beach
The Jersey Shore
The edge of all your foolishness

Hinemoa and Tutanekai

One day Hinemoa and Tutanekai ventured out on the still water. The sun shone down and lay across them, like silk. They told each other tales from their lives.

Solange Sings

Solange Deverelle was born to sing, or so her parents claimed. In fact they said her first outcry was in the key of A.



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Rabbitholing the Blockchain

There’s a party down in here

NFTs and blockchains are all the chatter these days. A modern-day gold rush, or a fool’s paradise (as if there’s a difference)?

SpokeLogic is diving in, looking to pull a rabbit of reason out of the madness hat. We have as many questions as you have, and each answer breeds more questions. They are breeding like, well, rabbits.

Trying to nail jelly to the wall, we are gaining clarity. The technology presents quite the spread of obscure and compelling delectibles.

We look forward to you coming along for the ride. Contribute and we will navigate this journey to the profit it promises.

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The Lifecycle of Novelty

Some of us want the next big thing. Most of us fear it. All of us assimilate it. Disruptive innovation is humanity advancing. Once we get past the disruption, we celebrate it. But first, the disruption.

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