Whois SpokeLogic

Does it matter? Knowing who SpokeLogic is, or having a picture in your mind, would be just another obscuring layer between you and your understanding of the work. It would colour things inappropriately.

Would it help or hinder your appreciation of the points presented if I were crushingly handsome with a patrician nose, a don’t-mess-with-me brow, and a charismatic glint in my eye? What if I were an impudent 17-year old whose bookish, defiant smirk hid her disappointment at not making the senior volleyball squad? Suffice to say I am neither (or I am either?). It is already enough that you bracketed me by these hypotheticals. Educated, bed-ridden, middleclass, impoverished. Male, female, neither. Black, white, brown or beige. None of it matters.

History is littered with remarkable people who achieved notarity despite ungainly or surprising personas. Socrates springs to mind. And while I a not remarkable, I would just as soon avoid having to work through whatever it is my persona says of me when I walk in the room. Favorability or skepticism based on appearances, however doctored (especially doctored) are a layer of prejudice we can both do without.

So, whether I am man or woman, a single person or a group, should be irrelevant. Let us simply focus on the questions posed and conclusions our arguments draw. I much prefer the cut of that jib. There will be time enough for our meeting should it ever matter more than the work we have ahead of us. What is more important are your thoughts and insights with respect to what you read here. While many of the points presented may seem belligerently certain, they are not. Please bring your counter arguments to bear. Suggest what may have been overlooked, or misunderstood. Shine a light.