Solange Sings

“Sing lustily and with good courage. Beware of singing as if you were half dead, or half asleep; but lift up your voice with strength. Be no more afraid of your voice now, nor more ashamed of its being heard, then when you sung the songs of Satan.”
John Wesley – directions for singing, 1761

“Alas for those that never sing,
 but die with all their music in them.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes – The Voiceless

Solange Deverelle was born to sing, or so her parents claimed.
In fact they said her first outcry was in the key of A.
Her song began with her first breath, but life washed that away.
It took its toll, a dissonant bell, her aspiration tamed.
In childhood she often played alone, trilling legions round her.
The faeries and the pharoahs came to dance beside her fire
Of dreams and aspirations held, to cuddle and conspire.
But when the bedroom door swung wide, her spirits turned to vapour.
Sing on, Solange; sing on, dear heart.
Don’t let the bandits tame you.
Sing on, Solange; sing on, sweet soul.
Sing on, sing on and on.