Admitting the Fatal Flaw

There is a flaw I would like to confess to.

But that would suggest there is something I am hiding. The fact is, the flaw in question is self-evident to anyone exposed to me for any length of time: I am naive in many ways and an inveterate idealist when it comes to other notions. So, rather than a confession – of which there are many I could make – an admission in this case is more appropriate.

NB: The fact that I would confuse an admission with a confession perfectly illustrates my claim to naiveté. Who am I trying to kid?

I admit I am naive and idealistic. It’s likely the case that few among us could claim otherwise, at least at some point our lives. Pooling together naiveté and idealism, I have believed a single unifying theory for the greater good is possible.  There are worse crimes I could commit, right? Short of coming clean and professing I know I am wrong, I conveniently overlook the ambitions and actions of History’s intellectual lions, I hold out for a shaft of light to pierce the hubris of rigour. Like the character, Lloyd, from the film, Dumb and Dumber who when told by the object of his affections that his chance of winning her was one in a million said, “So, what you’re telling me there’s a chance”. Recognized but never seen as the final word. After all, the quest has persisted with every generation in every society, indicating its intention to persist into the next. Mine is just another peculiar drape, a tapestry largely composed of found fragments and very little whole cloth to distinguish it. As with any fashion, there is nothing new under the sun, but reconfigurations can produce startling revelations.

I suggest we not wait for the single unifying theory. In fact, let’s embrace the fact that it will not emerge. As convenient as having one would be, giving up the need is likely the first step in getting to where we want to be: on a path to serving the common good. We have to start somewhere, so let it be here. What are your thoughts on the greater, or common good?