I See You Looking…

…but you can’t come in.

We are counting down the days until the second coming of normal. Almost there, but not quite. Gauging the floating point of what is essential, this month’s discussions focus on the notion of risk and reward.

Closeted away in our respective isolations, we assessed what is valuable in life. While some were under siege pre-pandemic, quarantine and constraints actually brought a perverse relief or respite. Others, of course, were pistol-whipped into a strained humility.

Regardless, the Mercator projection of risk and reward underwent profound tectonic shifts. What was once a curse became a blessing, and blessings showed their dark sides.

Soon this collective trauma will pass, and the time to assimilate new appreciations will be upon us. Let us hope our revised value system reflects the lessons learned when the old habits come knocking.

To assist, we dive headlong this month into the subject of valuation – an illusive but consequential essence. With fortunes lost this past year, and much to gain the next, we expect you may agree.

You will meet Beck Thornton, a man who turned his own private isolation into a global call for remembrance of those things we so eagerly want to forget. Out of the swampy Florida hinterlands he gave us The Corona Wreath Project, an intention to commemorate and safeguard against the next time we find ourselves on this path. And then he disappeared.

SpokeLogic also invites you down the rathole of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. You hold the light, we will do the digging. They say there’s gold in that there mine.